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Best For:
Before Athletics
Imagine fueling your body with EXACTLY what it needs to Perform at its' Very BEST! Gain the competitive edge like no other with this powerful infusion!

Have you ever heard of people taking Nitric Oxide Supplements as their pre-workout? The reason athletes do this is to encourage vasodilation - the widening of the blood vessels. The wider the blood vessels are, the more Oxygen that can be absorbed into the muscles.

The amino acids in this drip include Lysine, Ornithine, Arginine, and Citrulline - all of which have been shown to increase natural Nitrix Oxide production. Basically you are going to have better blood flow to your muscles during the athletic event.

What's even better, Lysine, Ornithine, and Arginine have been shown to increase blood levels of Growth Hormone, a pivotal hormone responsible for increased muscle mass! Lovely, isn't it?


B-Complex is a combination of B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, and B-6. These are the energy vitamins; they work inside every cell of your body along with the Krebs cycle to steal electrons from Oxygen and harness them into ATP, your bodies' Primary Energy Source.

Basically, you're going to be able to product the moximum amount of energy in your cells to power through your intense workout!


B-12 is invaluable to the bodies' production of healthy Red Blood Cells (RBCs). We need to have RBCs in our body to claim oxygen in our lungs and deliver them to our muscles. Without oxygen delivery, we cannot create cellular energy, and therefore cannot recover properly.

An IV Infusion with B-12 will give your body a higher capacity to bind Oxygen, the lifeblood of energy production. Consider yourself energized!


Recommended Add-Ons: $20 each

Vitamin C plays a great role in regulating the amount of Cortisol released into your body during exercise. Excessive cortisol production during exercise will lead to inefficiencies with breathing and Oxygen supply. If you want healthy adrenal glands during exercise, this is your winner.

Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, which will reduce cellular damage during your intense exercise endeavor.

Do you usually get cramps during your exercise? Well, you won't if you Pre-Game with this badass mineral!

Magnesium creates natural muscle relaxation and healthy cardiovascular function. Add it before a your event to prevent cramping and keep a steady pace with good blood circulation. *Note: As a muscle relaxer, this may make you tired for the few hours immediately following you IV Infusion.

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Want Simpler Booking?
"You can always contact me directly to get on the schedule. Feel free to send a call or text!
Alicia Chretien,RN
Owner, Treating Nurse