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The Festie Bestie

Best For:
Inflammatory Conditions & General Wellness
Vitamin C
aka the Myers' Cocktail, which is the "most famous" IV Infusion, known to ease symptoms in many inflammatory conditions.
Vitamin C

"The Festie Bestie" is most like the "Myers' Cocktail", an Iv Infusion combination that has been researched since 1954 when it was developed. This combination of vitamins plays a particular role in lowering inflammation.

Naturally, Vitamin C is a great anti-inflammatory that keeps the inflammation cycle highly functioning and efficient.


Magnesium is found in every cell of the body. It plays very important roles in things like memory, nerve conduction, cardiovascular health, digestion, and musculoskeletal health.

It is also the third most common electrolyte lost in sweat, and hard to consume as food - So, levels in your body may be in short supply.

The beauty is that Magnesium acts as a natural muscle relaxant, so it's going to put you in a nice relaxed mood!


B-Complex is another absolutely essential group of B vitamins - that are absolutely essential to healthy energy production in your body.

Basically the health of every organ, including the skin, is dependent on healthy B vitamin levels. Our B vitamins are geared towards healthy energy production by supplying B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, and B-6. These B's can revolutionize your health, whether you're depleted in them or not!

Perhaps you can see why this product seems to check all the boxes as an all-around amazing product for wellness.

Recommended Add-Ons: $20 each

What a complement to an incredible infusion! Glutathione is known as the "Mater Anti-Oxidant" of the body. Your body does not typically produce as much Glutathione as we give you (don't worry it's 100% safe), and it is very hard to absorb in the gut, so this peptide could make a giant difference in the health of your organs.

Just a few ailments it is reported to help include: COPD, breathing problems, cognitive decline, autoimmune issues, brain injuries, and inflammatory conditions.

The best way to describe this vitamin's function is that wherever your body has inflammation, this vitamin goes to work to fix it. What a miracle!

B-12 is such a popular vitamin because it really does dramatically increase the production of energy in your body. It does this by maximizing the amount of healthy Red Blood Cells in the body.

We use these Red Blood Cells to capture Oxygen when we breathe, and deliver it to our cells for energy production. More energy in the body means more repair, even contributing to disease prevention/treatment.

Glutamine is an absolute essential for any inflammatory bowel condition. This amino acid is responsible for maintaining a happy and healthy GI mucosa, something that some of us struggle with.

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Want Simpler Booking?
"You can always contact me directly to get on the schedule. Feel free to send a call or text!
Alicia Chretien,RN
Owner, Treating Nurse