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Speedy Recovery

Best For:
Athlete Recovery
Did you have a HUGE Workout, and want to Recover AFAP? Consider yourself "Recovered" once this drip begins, this Infusion has ALL the GOODS you NEED!

The primary goal with post-workout recovery is to create vasodilation (capillary widening) in your muscles, so they get plenty of nutrients and oxygen to nourish their growth.
The aminos contained in this drip include Arginine, Ornithine, Lysine, and Citrulline. Each of these amino acids have been show in studies to increase vasodilation by creating nitric oxide.

This incredible bag goes even further because Arginine, Ornithine and Lysine taken together have been shown to increase blood levels of Growth Hormone. This hormone is responsible for activating the bodies' pathways to creating muscle. Sounds incredible because it is!


B-12 is invaluable to the bodies' production of healthy Red Blood Cells (RBCs). We need to have RBCs in our body to claim oxygen in our lungs and deliver them to our muscles. Without oxygen delivery, we cannot create cellular energy, and therefore cannot recover properly.

An IV Infusion with B-12 will give your body a higher potential to heal faster & fully.


Got cramps? Nah, not after this!

Magnesium is a trace mineral in every cell of your body. It is responsible for cool stuff like memory and nerve conduction - But even further, when Magnesium enters into the body it creates muscle relaxation.

Let's say you had a huge workout with a lot of tissue trauma. The bodies' natural response to tissue trauma is to tighten muscles, as a form of protection. Can you see the problem yet? The tighter the muscles, the less blood flow that will deliver nourishment to the muscle, and the more wastes will be stuck inside of the muscle (blocking the exit of Lactic acid - the chemical responsible for muscle soreness).

So, Magnesium will relax your muscles so they can get plentiful oxygen and nutrients necessary for a Rock Star Recovery ;)

Recommended Add-Ons: $20 each

Glutamine is a building block for making proteins in the body. During times of stress, it has been shown in research to be helpful to supplement Glutamine because levels can run low.

Glutamine also works magic in the liver, creating Glycogen, the primary resource your body uses to create energy. Glycogen levels fall during intense exercise, causing you to start burning your own fat, and eventually even breaking down your protein for energy. You want great Glycogen levels for optimal energy production, so this amino acid is literally "The Magic"!

B-Complex is a combination of B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, and B-6. These are the energy vitamins; they work inside every cell of your body along with the Krebs cycle to steal electrons from Oxygen and harness them into ATP, your bodies' Primary Energy Source.

Vitamin C is a key circulating antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting effects. It can help reduce oxidative stress, which is damage to cells that occurs during intense exercise.

Another key to Vitamin C is that it is a cofactor to the creation of healthy collagen, a connective tissue throughout your entire body including muscles and tendons. Specifically, Vitamin C helps in the creation of very resilient Collagen, which safeguards against future energy.

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Want Simpler Booking?
"You can always contact me directly to get on the schedule. Feel free to send a call or text!
Alicia Chretien,RN
Owner, Treating Nurse