How it Works

Businesses who Register With Us Below are eligible to earn 10% of what we collect from their referrals. You must be a registered business to do this, not just an individual.

In the Affiliate Registration form you will include either your PayPal email or Venmo account. We will use these to compensate you when we see your clients.

How We See Your Clients

You can send us clients in 2 ways:

A car icon with a medical logo on it because we serve you wherever you go as a mobile IV hydration service.

You give them our information, they book with us wherever they are located. We send you 10% of their gross visit total.

*Make sure they mention you or your business in the 'referral field" for credit.
An icon of a tent because we love working events outside where we can treat many people with IV Hydration.
Pop-Up @ Your Location

Host us for a Pop-Up at your business. Use a sign-up form, and if you get folks to book we show up and give you 10% of collections.

*You must Register to host a Pop-Up at your location.
Who Can Benefit

This service is designed for businesses (like Yours) whose clients could benefit from IV Infusion Therapy. These are usually customers who are all about wellness, are serious athletes, or like to party hardy!

If your business tends to see these types of folks, then you can benefit from registering for our affiliation program. Here's a few affiliates that would do really well: We love setting these relationships up with chiro clinics, hot springs, CrossFit gyms, and wedding planners.

  • Chiro Clinics
  • Massage Clinics
  • Hot Springs
  • Wedding Planners
  • Breweries
  • CrossFit gyms

There's likely many other businesses we haven't thought of that have clients that would benefit from IV Infusion Therapy. Our advice is you can always Register Below and try to find us some clients.

If this sounds exciting, Register in the Form Below!

Affiliate Registration

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