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The VIP Membership

We offer an array of monthly memberships: Once per month for 20% Off, twice per month for 25% Off, three times per month for 30% Off, and 4 times per month for 40% Off.

Cost Breakdown

(based on $160 current cost of Infusion)
x / month
initial Total
Your Price
- 20%
- 25%
- 30%
- 40%
*Note Savings of $32, $80, $144, and $256, respectively*

How it Works

Fill out the registry form below. Pick your frequency of treatment. We will call you to get your card details.

Book with our standard booking on the website, or you can call/email us to get on schedule. You are tagged in the system as a VIP Member, and will not be charged any travel fee or anything else at appointment.

Your visits unfortunately DO NOT carry over each month, they start over. No Refunds.

Once you register, we will set a recurring monthly charge through Square. Once set up, your card will automatically be run on the same day each month, until you email us to cancel.

VIP Priority

As a VIP Member we will give you the Highest Priority in our schedule. You paid for these infusions and you deserve them, on your schedule.

Your Membership is Shareable

We want you to get Maximum Benefit from this membership. So, we decided to make it shareable with family and friends. The only stipulation is we will not travel to another location to treat them - ONLY the location you are at.


Please cancel by emailing us at We won't play games, if you want to cancel the day before payment is due, you may do so.

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According to our research, we are priced 20% below our competitors. As we get busier, we may elect to raise our prices. This would allow us to afford featuring VIP Memberships.

For now, enjoy our mobile IV Infusions knowing you are getting the lowest price available. We still do not charge a travel fee. Take a look at our promotions, and book a Group #IVInfusionParty for maximum savings!